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PUBG Mobile Ban Pan Report: PUBG Mobile Takes Action Against Cheaters and Cheat Ads

By Game Mains Staff

PUBG Mobile Ban Pan Report From 12/1 to 12/7, KRAFTON Permanently suspended 260,877 accounts and 5,639 devices. During week 48,

From PUBG Mobile to BGMI: The Evolution of PUBG Mobile in India

By Game Mains Staff

In this article, you'll find how PUBG Mobile has evolved over time and changed into BGMI, the history of PUBG

Navigating the Erangel Map in PUBG Mobile: Top Drop Locations, Hot-Drops, Exclusive Vehicles, and More

By Game Mains Staff

Explore in depth the famous Erangel map from PUBG Mobile. This huge and varied landscape is full of strategic spots,